The Team

HTTP/2 Dashboard is created and maintained by researchers at Telefónica Research, Case Western Reserve University, and Carnegie Mellon University:

Matteo Varvello Kyle Schomp David Naylor                            



                            Jeremy Blackburn Alessandro Finamore Dina Papagiannaki


If you use our data, we would appreciate it if you cited us. For blog posts, a link to the site is fine; for academic papers, please use this BibTex:

  title={Is The Web {HTTP/2} Yet?},
  author={Matteo Varvello and Kyle Schomp and David Naylor and Jeremy Blackburn and Alessandro Finamore and Konstantina Papagiannaki},
  booktitle={Passive and Active Measurements Conference (PAM)},


Questions or comments? Contact Matteo Varvello.